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Halloween Costumes
Cottoncreek _Halloween_FEAR (1).jpg

Cottoncreek Manor - 8th Annual Haunted House 


EVENT : If you have been here before, you know we grow each year. We started our crazy Haunt back in 2015 and continue to bring the same flair you have come to enjoy in previous years!

This year’s theme is Fear Factor. Are you brave enough to take on your fears head on. This years haunted house presents some of the most common fears to test your limits. Imagine a place where your greatest fears become reality. Feel your way through absolute darkness, navigate through snakes and spiders, and don’t forget your childhood fears of clowns and dolls. Watch your step around steep cliffs. You must push through – there is no turning back!!


LITTLES: Our Littles-friendly hour is from 6-7 pm each night we are open. This is a time designated just for guests that want a walk-through of the haunt with no character involvement.

ADMISSIONS : This is a free event, but we require admissions tickets. Why? We want this to be the best experience possible and are going to do our best to manage our crowds and traffic. We can do that when we know how many awesome guests we have arriving.

Click on the button for more details to to get your admission ticket to the Haunted House. 

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