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Thank you for considering joining us in spreading joy and ensuring our youth have opportunities to succeed. 

Fill out the information below so we may track and send you receipt for your 501c3 donation to Spirit for the Seasons. 

Clicking the SUPPORT button will take you to a Paypal Page.  You can then choose to pay via paypal, or via credit or debit card. 


Q: How much of my donation goes toward the cause? 

A: 100% of your donation goes straight to the activities, workshops and events for Spirit for the Seasons.  All staff and Board

    Members are volunteers and not compensated for their time. 

Q: Paypal is your donation vendor, how do I pay of I dont have Paypal? 

A: Our paypal link provides you the opportunity to use your Paypal funds, or to pay via a credit or debit card.  

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